How It All Began...

The concept of gopher cases was born on March 2015 after a friendly soccer match where afterwards a discussion broke out amongst friends. The idea cultivated after brainstorming popular products throughout our generation and starting up our own businesses. The selfie-stick was one product that stuck out.  We viewed it as a bulky and inconvenient but yet a popular product. Understanding that there was a high demand, we felt confident that we were able to bring our idea to life and produce a sleek, durable all in one selfie stick phone case.

Why We Made This Product

We wanted to solve the problem of the consistent bulkiness selfie sticks posed. Once we conceptualized the idea, we engineered our sleek, lightweight and accessible design that allowed convenience for users. Also, we aimed to rid any stigma of “taking a selfie”. We understand not only the practicality, but also the popularity behind a selfie and hope to make it easy and fun.

Our Goals

We look to grip the selfie craze of our generation and allow our case be the safe, convenient and accessible way to take a selfie throughout every day use of your cell phone. Once introduced, our many accessories will also branch out to several other industries, maximizing our phones capabilities while still protecting the device.

About the Creators

We're two best friends that have grown up together in South Florida. We recognized a problem as well as an opportunity in the market and wanted to seize the chance and pursue our entrepreneurship aspirations.