Friendly and

With so many phone cases on the market now, it's hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones or the unique ones verses the "average Joes". We put a lot of thought, time, and research into the Gopher Case in efforts to make it truly unique, resourceful, and fun! What we feel makes the Gopher Case unique is its ability to mount directly to an [included] selfie stick. Additionally, it is manufactured with the highest quality materials.

"Clippable" Selfie Stick

We all know how fun a selfie stick is to have on hand but having to keep a separate stick around in your pocket or purse can get annoying. The last position you want to be faced with is fumbling for a selfie stick when a good backdrop opportunity comes along with your group. The beauty of selfies are capturing memories right in the moment so having a case with a selfie stick already attached to it will help you snap pictures faster. Out on the town by yourself? Just un-snap it from the Gopher Case and keep the bulk down!

Made for iPhone® and Beyond

The Gopher Case was built with MFI standards. Many cases on the market today don't keep details in mind, further causing a reduced retention rate with their consumers. However, with the Gopher Case, your buttons, plugs, microphones and speakers will not be affected as the design of the case passes through MFI standards and was designed to embrace the core features of your iPhone® rather than reducing the quality and functionality of the detailed technology that we all love. The case is also equipped with a universal port on the back bottom right side of the case where the selfie stick and other accessories will be able to clip on and off with ease!

The Selfie Stick Pole

The stainless steel selfie stick pole is roughly 20 inches long at full extension. It is also thick enough to support your phone and durable enough to extend at full length and capture everyone in one picture. The handle of the pole is wrapped with a durable rubber layer and textured grip to ensure it never slips out of your hand! The rubber fitting fits perfectly in your hand, making it a nonslip pole and easy to extend and collapse.