The Gopher Case is a one of-a-kind phone case.


Our signature product is an iPhone® case designed with the ability to support multiple custom accessories, the first being a selfie stick. Our selfie stick is a Bluetooth enabled, collapsible and fully detachable device, thanks to our patented clip technology.

The Gopher Case model uses a unique clip feature that allows users the ability to interchange a wide range of accessories that will soon be available.


A foundation of quality, functionality and fun.


The Gopher Case is the first iPhone case with a built-in attachable/detachable Bluetooth selfie-stick. This function gives our users the freedom to operate their cell phone normally, while allowing the convenience for an impromptu photo shoot. 

With its unique, compatible and fun design, the Gopher Case allows its user to interchange accessories with ease.

Clip it on and #Gopherit!